Reggie Yates

Director and Founder, FIVE7

Reggie Yates is an award-winning writer, director, broadcaster, and documentary maker, and the
Founder of content and cause company, FIVE7.
Reggie’s career has seen him move from fronting children’s programming to national radio, hosting
hit Saturday night show The Voice, and becoming an RTS award-winning documentary maker to
making feature films and dramas.
In the last five years, Reggie has become synonymous with critically acclaimed documentaries which
have aired on BBC and Netflix, including Extreme Russia, for which Reggie was awarded Best Presenter
for the Royal Television Society Awards, Best Factual Programme at the Edinburgh TV Festival, and
Best Multi-Channel Programme at the Broadcast Awards.
In 2020, Reggie shot his first feature-length film, Pirates, which was funded by BBC Films and the BFI
and is arriving in UK cinemas from 26th November 2021. He also has had his debut as a writer on BBC
Three in 2020, with the critically acclaimed Make Me Famous.
Reggie has recently set up FIVE7, a creatively driven content and cause company, to tell stories that
both resonate and inspire. With storytelling at the heart of everything they do, FIVE7 is steered by
what is important to and what their community want to see, from short form branded and editorial
content through to feature films. FIVE7 has produced content for C4 (Patriach), BBC Three (Make Me
Famous), Lego, Soho House, Samsung, Nikon, BFI and Blue Skies – which launched this summer with
Yates creating two short films in Ghana, documenting the impact and support that the diary-free ice
cream producers have had on a community close to his heart.
Reggie has also recently launched a youth initiative called Pass The Mic, which aims to provide the
education, network, and support needed to help underprivileged creatives and give them a pathway
into the film and television industry.