Simeon Quarrie

Founder & CEO, VIVIDA

Simeon Quarrie is a renowned storyteller and international speaker using story and interactivity to drive change.  His team VIVIDA use interactivity and virtual reality, combined with storytelling to help organisations like EY, SKY,  Barclays, Lloyds and Merck drive cultural and behavioural change. 


Simeon is also a Canon Ambassador and GTeam member. Listed as one of the world’s most influential creatives, he works to tackle issues of diversity and inclusion with Canon across Africa and Europe and played an instrumental role in creating Burberry’s the Burberry Inspire programme and brand. He has also personally funded projects designed to change perceptions of blindness and mental health. 


Simeon has been included in the BIMA100 2019  as a Champion for Change for his contribution to tackling these important issues.(British Interactive Media Association). In 2019 Simeon has been selected to join Google and Youtube as an advisor and mentor with a focus on black creatives. A major highlight was a Keynote on creativity for the launch of Apple’s video editing software in San Francisco, Cupertino.